How to Do Business with the Department of the Navy!

Thank you for your interest in wanting to do business with the Department of the Navy.  I want to share with you some information on how to do your research and navigate your procurement journey.  Pay particular attention to the embedded links for more information.


While the Department of the Navy’s Office of Small Business Programs would make one think we are the best office to contact to present your capabilities brief, our duties are focused on internal policy, advocacy, oversight, and management of the Small Business Program.   In our capacity, we do not participate directly in acquisitions, contracting, or purchases, nor are we involved in making recommendations.  However, we do have some tools in place to help guide you through navigating your procurement journey to doing business with the Navy and Marine Corps.  If you know your NAICS or Product Service Code (PSC) code, visit our website at Search What the DON Buys. This is a data download from SAM.GOV Contract Data Reports filtered for Navy and Marine Corps-specific procurements.  You can download the reports and filter for your company-specific information to determine what Commands awarded contracts under those NAICS or PSC’s.  There are four “EZ Search” reports to help guide you.


To learn more about the 10 Major Buying Commands, we developed a Buying Command Overview guide to provide you with a general overview of the 10 Major Buying Commands including the Top 5 NAICS awarded and Small Business Director contact information. 


Once you determine the Command to strategically target your product or service, visit their homepage under the “Commands” tab on our website.  Once you click on the Command, you can visit their Small Business page by clicking the “Visit Website” link to locate the Small Business Professional to present your capabilities brief, view their Long Range Acquisition Estimate and review their Small Business Strategy.    


I highly encourage you to view the Commands Long Range Acquisition Estimates. We revamped the format and instituted some major improvements to include a common format and content, a bi-annual update cadence, and additional fields to communicate key information to the industry. You can visit our website to view all Long Range Acquisition Estimates.


If you are new to small business procurement with the Department of the Navy and would like to know how to get started, you can visit our DON OSBP YouTube Channel and view the Procurement Readiness Video which will provide you great insight on the next steps.  In addition, we instituted a Webinar Series to help educate the industry on doing business with the Navy and Marine Corps.  All previously recorded videos are posted on our YouTube channel for your convenience.


If you are interested in the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) program which addresses naval needs in more than 30 science and technology areas, please visit the Navy SBIR website for more information.


Lastly, we host a plethora of webinars each month with valuable information.  Please consider subscribing to our mailing list to ensure you stay up to date on future events!  Stay connected with us on our Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to obtain information about outreach events, Industry Days, and the latest DoD guidance.  You can connect with us through these platforms on our website and click the appropriate logo to bring you to our social media pages.


We have some upcoming events that I would like to share with you.

Take a look at the Sea Air Space website to obtain more information on how to participate in the DON’s Small Business Networking Day on April 4th.

Join us at the DoD Mentor Protégé Conference March 27-30 in Orlando FL.


Visit our website to learn more about the DON’s Mentor Protégé Program.


If your schedule permits, please join us at the DON’s premiere Small Business Procurement event in sunny San Diego, CA, July 26-28. More information can be found on the DON Gold Coast website.


Thank you again for your interest in doing business with the Department of the Navy! Stay safe and hope you have a great Navy day!



Shawn Smith

Staff Analyst

Navy Office of Small Business Programs